Vince Neil Concert

A Reminder of Why I Live in Vegas

by Jon Green at My-Vegas
October 14, 2002

Living in Las Vegas is not unlike living in any other city. You fight traffic to and from work, you come home have dinner, watch a little TV and go to bed. But once in awhile you see or do something that makes you realize just why you live here. ( Its not called Sin City and the entertainment capital of the world for nothing). Well Last night was one of those nights.
Strippers dancing on stage at a free Las Vegas concert
Free concert featuring Vince Neil and Kevin DuBrow in Las Vegas It was Sunday October 14, 2002. I was at the Palms Hotel/Casino which is by far the hippest place in town to go. It is owned by George Maloof who with his 2 brothers also own the Sacramento Kings professional basketball team. The palms is a hangout for celebrities and was the site of the last MTV real world series. There was a free concert inside "Rain", one of the casinos nightclubs. The club was really cool and kinda small as far as concerts go. The concert was completely free. You had to win tickets from a local radio station. Before we went in Robin Leach from "lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" walked by in leather pants and a young big breasted blonde on his arm. While we were sitting there waiting for the show to start, Kevin DuBrow lead singer of Quite Riot was walking around in the crowd. Also hanging out was Little Richard. The 1st band to come on stage was Gilby Clark's band. Gilby played with Guns and Roses at one time. They played the Bob Dylan song "knockin on heavens door and they had Steven Adler come up and play drums on it. Steven was Guns and Roses original drummer. At this time Robin Leach got onstage and got the crowd going by using the f word a few times.
Vince Neil performing at the Palms in Las Vegas The main act was Vince Neil, the lead singer for Motley Crue. He was fantastic!! Vince said onstage that they werent promoting an album or on tour or anything like that, they were just there to party and have a good time. So they did all the old tunes and the hits, like "Livewire", "Redhot", "Shout at the Devil, "Too Young To Fall In Love and many others . Vinces voice was great and he was all over the stage. Near the end of the show Gilby's entire band came on stage plus Kevin DuBrow, and George Malloof. They did some cover tunes by bands such as Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones. And yes George was singing into the mike. During girls, girls, girls a bunch of very scantily clad women who resembled strippers got up on stage and went nuts. There was flashing, ass spanking, simulated oral sex, and other wonderful sights. All and all it was a great evening and to think it was all for free.

Nights like these are the reason I live in Las Vegas.

Jon can be found checking out the best in Vegas entertainment when he's not tracking down the home addresses of Las Vegas's rich and famous for "The Glitter Guide".

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