Ted Mikels

Film Making Legend

by Jonathon Green at My-Vegas
September 12, 2002

"Blood Orgy of the She Devils", "Mark Of The Astro Zombies", "The Corpse Grinders", "Girl In Gold Boots".     What images do these movie titles bring up. Maybe a Friday night at the drive in theater, or maybe a Saturday afternoon double feature. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview a film making legend, Mr. Ted V. Mikels, the sole reason we have such classics.

I walked into his studio near Industrial and was bombarded with movie posters, pictures and an array of movie making equipment. At this point Ted took me back to the stage area with all of those fancy gadgets that I know nothing about. But it sure looked impressive. There were microphones, cameras, lights, sound equipment, props and lots of cords. Most of the time when a movie is made there are many people involved, writer, producer, director, editing, audio, etc. But with Teds movies he does 100% of it himself. Of course there are actors but that is about it, and Ted usually pitches in there too. He has also shot over 300 commercials in his long career. The wonderful thing about living in Las Vegas is we share this town with such colorful people as Ted.

Jon: There has been talk that your movie "The Doll Squad" was the inspiration for the TV show "Charlie's Angels". How do you feel about that?
Ted: Well, Ive never heard the end of it. Aaron Spelling came to my screening at 20th century fox and 4 years later out comes Charlies angels. The girls have the same names, the friends are the same, Charlie was my senator in my movie, and of course the similarities are so totally obvious that sometimes when people see "The Doll Squad" people call it "The original Angels". I dont care.
Famous Las Vegas film maker Ted Mikels Jon: So Aaron Spelling was at the screening?
Ted: Yea, Hollywood is small. I think Francine or Tory invited him to the screening, but Hollywood is small. That's why I have learned over a period of many many years, 40 years or more. Not to just write a script and pass it around Hollywood, because pieces of it appear in everybodys movies.
Jon: What is your favorite place around Las Vegas other then a casino?
Ted: Probably my studio. I kind of live here.

Jon: What is your favorite Las Vegas Restaurant?
Ted: At one time it used to be the Maxim. Since my lady, Dr. Wendy Shanti is a vegetarian, rather then go to places where she cant get the right kind of food, we prefer the buffets.

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