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We're looking for interesting reflections on Vegas. Submit your stories, editorials, photos or reviews to and we'll post the best here. Our goal is to give a true view of Las Vegas from insiders, not the advertising laden trash you find on other Vegas sites. So send your Sin City submissions our way.

The time was at hand, when all God's creatures had to choose a path and only the fringe would thrive, leaving the meek and normal to go skittering back to their manicured lawns and PTA fund raisers. His partner twisted the knob so that the bass lines shook their souls, laid an arm in the window, and took one last drag from his smoldering PallMall. It was a simple gesture that spoke so much, his way of signing on the dotted line, committing himself to whatever the ride might be. I nosed the great shark from the parking lot, steering towards the glaring lights. As the adrenalin flowed we slid past the Dunes and along the Sands, watching throngs of greased-up tourist unknowingly being sucked into the belly of the beast. With a nod from my conspirator, the throttle inched forward and we barreled headlong into the sleazy side of Sin City with the big chrome tail of our shark and strains of "Kid Charlemagne" announcing our entrance. In a town where money rules and depravity is an appetizer we set out to make our mark, so I swallowed down a few more Darvon to make the glitz a bit more bearable. . . .

"When the going gets weird,
The weird turn Pro. . . . ."

Viva Las Vegas here we come,
The Prophet Margin

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